We have a soap package for you – will you put your money on nature or luxury?

Soap undoubtedly is a part of daily hygiene. As the popularity of handmade soaps from local manufacturers grows, we have created a new double packaging for you, where you will find two types of soap. Will you choose the premium toilet soap or the handmade soap from Moravia?


Whether you buy soap for a few crowns or the most expensive one in the world (allegedly in Lebanon you can buy soap from the family company Badr Hassoun for about 70,000 CZK), the products are always based on vegetable or animal fat.

The principle is that the soap reduces skin surface tension, which helps to flush out dirt and microorganisms under a stream of water. They do not destroy the impurities themselves unlike the disinfectant soaps.

We have chosen two soaps for you, which differ in the type of production (hand made and mass produced), the difference between them is also illustrated by dividing the packaging in two halves by colour.

This time, we chose a packaging variant which includes two pull-out drawers that are together in one cover.

About the packaging

Again, this is a so-called duopack, for which this time we chose a one-sided print.

We used embossing on the packaging, raising some elements, such as signs of social networks, the Personal Care inscription and a plant pattern.


From other finishes on the packaging, you will see a cold embossing (for a metallic look) in a gloss circle and a combination of gloss and matt UV varnish. An offset method was used for printing where the material passes through the printing cylinders.


If you like our packaging innovations and would like to start your project with us yourself, please contact us via the contact form.