Need to kick start your marketing again? Here are 3 tips where packaging can help

After a turbulent March and April, when a large number of companies minimized their marketing costs in order to immediately throw funds into online, spending is returning to a long-term trend. The period with a lower number of advertisers in brick-and-mortar stores is now paying off for companies that are proactive and are preparing for a gradual return to normal life. Will you be ready to launch your campaign when the right time comes?

PHOTO: Marketing investments, Source: Roivenue

1) E-commerce

It would be a shame if, after the efforts you put into a great online campaign with a functional e-shop, it was wasted due to the packaging. Improperly selected packaging can lead to damage to the goods, increased transport costs and, most importantly, a negative customer experience. As many as 58% of customers then refuse to buy the packaging again from the brand that failed to provide sufficient protection during transportation of their goods

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2) Advertising stands/displays

Customers in brick-and-mortar stores have recently become accustomed to stock up on everyday items and have been rather reluctant to buy luxury and seasonal goods. Imaginative POS/POP materials together with bespoke made-to-order stands can become the opportunity to start sales.

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3) Copacking

Packing multiple products in one package as part of seasonal events such as 1 + 1, free gifts or competitions is a popular way to show customers a new product line or support the sale of premium products.

There are many activities behind these events:

  • Graphic design
  • Manual packaging
  • Storage of goods on offer
  • Transport of goods to the point of sale
  • Production of marketing materials
  • Sleeve packaging (suitable, for example, for adding graphics to cans)
  • Use of shrink wrap (to firmly secure several products into one package)
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