For a healthy wash, we are packing a wash sponge from the seabed

As part of the Personal Care topic, we looked at the possibilities available for washing the whole body. So by way of a change, we have packed a sea sponge for you, with which every wash can be a pleasure and a relaxation. And if the sponge doesn’t suit you, we have another option you have on hand – your own hands!

Washing is a very basic part of personal hygiene and concerns each of us. There are various options for washing effectively with soaps or shower gels. There are brushes, sponges made of plastic or natural materials, for many of us our hands are enough.

Sea sponges, one of which we also packed, help you wash away dirt and old skin. What makes them different from artificial sponges is the fact that they are not made of plastic and do not contain antibacterial additives, which can cause health problems for people with more sensitive skin or eczema.


About the packaging

The cover consists of a sleeve made of plain cardboard and an inner structure made of corrugated cardboard from Moravské Budějovice.

The interior has wide sides, which gives the packaging a luxurious impression, which contrasts with the otherwise completely natural content – sea sponge.

In addition, a cheerful graphic depicting how to wash with bare hands is hidden under the sponge.

The graphics cover only a part of the packaging and the rest has been left its natural brown colour, with which we proudly acknowledge the basic material – paper.


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