We are bringing you a slightly different herbarium – Cheers!

This year, as well as last year, we have prepared a spring greeting for you which is this year matched to our Personal Care colour theme. It is a herbarium that comes in the form of a book and contains natural teas and grape sugar tablets. You can therefore choose which power source is closer to your heart.


The theme Personal Care is closely connected with a choice between natural and technological products, so we decided to reflect the choice into the first greeting of this year.

The herbarium, which at first glance looks like a book, is opened by loosening the decorative ribbon. The folding pop up then divides the content into two parts – light blue to purple containing grape sugar tablets and natural brown with herbal teas.

How do you recharge your batteries?

About the packaging

In this single packaging we showcase all three types of cardboard that we produce at Model Obaly in the Czech Republic. The cover and the flower inside are made of smooth cardboard, the inside of the cover, which looks like the pages of the book, is laminated cardboard, and the inner reinforcing grid is corrugated cardboard.

The outer surface of the packaging has been finished with a combination of matt and glossy UV varnish, which highlights the graphic and text elements.


An opening pop up flower reveals the cut-outs that contains energy replenishing contents inside the packaging.


Information about the contents and QR code can be found on the back cover.

As a final touch we had a specially inscribed ribbon made which is used to secure the content.


Check out the story of the packaging in a new video:


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