Take care of your whiskers! Introducing a men’s beard set

Although beauty care is more associated with women than men, we have created a special set specifically for men and their hair and beard care. This time, the double pack includes a beard oil and a brush, which can be used on a manicured beard as well as shorter hair.

PHOTO: the main claim literally says: “Take care of your whiskers and get your beard back to shape.”


You probably haven’t escaped the trend of not shaving either. You can find men with beards among athletes, actors, politicians or even your uncle. Many men could not resist the combination of new attention and often increased interest from the opposite sex with the usefulness of not having to shave.

With challenges such as Movember, Decembeard and the increasing number of barber shops, the popularity of cultivated mustaches and beards is also growing, with gentlemen not only letting their beard grow, but with appropriate care they can further improve and support its growth and shape.

Just for those men we have prepared a set which includes oil and a beard brush.

The oil is suitable for nourishing the beard and the skin under it, thus reducing feelings of tightness, the beard is soft and the ends don’t split.

The brush is then designed to untangle the beard and direct its growth, for the same reason it can also be used on shorter hair.

About the packaging

The cover consists of smooth cardboard, for which we designed an LED colour print.

What is interesting is that it is a double package, two boxes, which are firmly connected by a flexible joint in the middle. This solution is especially suitable for gift packs and practical sets, similar to those we normally prepare in Model Copack Plus.


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