In the last five years, we have been the most stable company in the Czech Republic

In the ranking compiled by the provider of data and analysis Bisnode, we became the most stable Czech company in the years 2016 to 2020. The results are based on the methodology of the Bisnode scoring model, which aims to estimate the risk of bankruptcy in the next twelve months.

PHOTO: the award for Model Obaly was accepted by Kateřina Švarcová, the Head of Marketing

In the sixth edition of the CZECH Stability Award, which is awarded by Bisnode in cooperation with the CZECH TOP 100 Association, we achieved the highest scoring level AAA (excellent) during the years 2016 to 2020.

We highly value the award and at the same time take it as a commitment to maintain a high standard with respect to our business partners and employees.

Jan Struž, Chairman of the CZECH TOP 100 Association, added: “Every company that receives the CZECH Stability Award certificate must meet demanding evaluation criteria. We are all the more pleased that in these difficult times we are helping to raise the profile of quality companies that have been achieving excellent results in the long term and have great prospects of emerging as winners of the coming crisis. Through the CZECH Stability Award, we put a powerful tool in their hands for communicating business success to business partners, employees, investors, owners or competitors. ”