Easy solution on the roads – we are presenting a new packaging for nail polish

There is often beauty in simplicity, which is why we have prepared a package for bottles of nail polish, which you can take with you and not have to worry that small bottles will disappear somewhere. There are two types of natural polish marked 9 to 10 FREE within the package.


Not all nail polishes are free of toxic substances, so cosmetic companies have started labelling them from 5-FREE to even 13-FREE. The numbers here indicate the number of toxic substances that were omitted during the production of the polish.

For example, 9-FREE polish omits toluene, paraben, formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate, formaldehyde resin, xylene, camphor, rosin and styrene.

We have prepared a new packaging which includes two of these nail polishes to accompany users on the go.

About the packaging

The basis of the packaging is two-layer corrugated cardboard with open fluting and an external construction made of three-layer cardboard.


The inner part of the packaging which is made of two-layer cardboard has been printed with illustrations using a UV LED printer, but most of the area has been left in its natural brown colour.


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