Do you have your own e-shop? Don’t forget to pack the goods well so that you don’t have to “pack up” your business

Are you one of the companies for which e-shop and sending products by mail have become the main, if not the only way to get goods to customers? When sending shipments within e-commerce, it is advisable to use suitable packaging, which, in contrast to conventional packaging, provides added protection, easy packing and unpacking,and is ideally also fun to unpack.

Speedboxes (Rychlobox)

The biggest advantage of speedboxes is the time in which you can pack the goods into them. As they include an integrated adhesive and tear-off tape you can not only shorten the time of packing by as much as 60% but also the unpacking by the customer. In addition to saving time, you also save material on the adhesive tapes and thus reduce the waste produced.

You can try the speedboxes in the Model Pack Shop, where we currently have them in stock in several sizes.



Bespoke e-commerce packaging

Would you like your packaging to be attractive using digital printing with a surprising and fun way to unpack before the customer gets to the interesting content inside? The moments when the customer is interested in the packaging so much that they share the experience on social networks with others are still rare, but all the more valued.

Recently, we have introduced several types of such packaging, which we are able to adapt to specific products. Examples are e-commerce packaging for socks, wine, grocery shopping, dried meat or puzzles.

Would you like to send unique packaging too? Contact us.


FEFCO standardized packaging

When ordering packaging, customers can be guided by FEFCO standards (European Federation of Corrugated Board Manufacturers). Based on those standards, each manufacturer produces packaging constructions with precisely given shape, cutouts and bends.

You can order such standardized packaging from the Model Pack Shop. When ordering more than 500 pieces, you can contact us as a wholesale customer.