We are sending you a summer greeting – Enjoy a beautiful summer

The summer greeting we have prepared for our customers supports sun protection. We often spend the summer months on vacation and often forget how important skin protection is. Interesting optical effects on the front cut-out using special technology and the content of the cover both attract attention.


People have protected their skin since ancient times, the ancient Greeks used olive oil, the ancient Egyptians used rice and jasmine extracts. The first artificial cream was created in the 20th century in France. In some parts of the world there are still natural forms of sun protection which the locals make, for example, from seaweed, rice and spices.

With the summer packaging we again offer a choice of two variants – natural in the form of sea buckthorn cream and “urban” in the form of Panthenol sunscreen.

So the choice is once more up to you.

About the packaging

The packaging consists of a postal cover made of printed plain cardboard.

Inside this cover is the box itself with a striking front side with microrelief hot embossing. It is characterized by tactile patterns and a glossy surface with changeable reflections (glossy film is applied to the packaging by hot stamping pressure – contrary to cold embossing which uses gluing of the film when printing with a “cold” roller).


On the back there is a QR code with informative content and a label with changeable inscription The choice is yours. The inscription changes while tilting the packaging, it has been created by means of nano stamping with so-called flip-flop effect which allows a different display of the inscriptions when looking at it from different angles.


The front of the packaging including optical effects has been made so that it can be cut out as a summer greeting and can be sent to your friends with a message in a holiday envelope.

Enjoy a beautiful summer!

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